Industrial Productivity Siam Cement Petrochemical Group

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The Industry Productivity project was spawned from the Tertiary (University) Education Reform program resulting in transferring Petrochemical Engineering Education from the King Mongkhut University of Technology to the plant location for shop floor supervisors to learn by solving real life existing problems in the plant, in this case the Siam Cement Petrochemical Group in Rayong.
Not only was petrochemical knowledge transferred to the operating shop floor, this had the potential of changing the organizational culture of the company from the traditional top down control from engineers to plant operators to plant operators on the shop floor being able to detect and initiate operational and investment decisions in a bottom up and sideways manner in asccordance to Peter Senge’s Learning Organization concept.
Participants in the course were also able to upgrade the knowledge of their colleagues by being facilitators in accordance to principles of Constructionist Learning.

The course “cost” was more than covered by the economic benefits resulting from problem solving in the course of the program.